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Twisted Frequency - England
Baroque Rec - England
Attitude Recordings - Canada
Dezign Music - Greece
Fraud Rec - Germany

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Why so quiet???

As mentioned in the last article already, the first house we tried when we came to Hamburg, was a total disaster.

So we moved into a new place and finally everything is getting back to normal for me.
Okay,.. I have a lot smaller studio room now, but that's fine because now I also have no neighbours at all, and that's just great.

So why haven't you heared any new productions yet?

I know i haven't done any new tracks for quite some time now, but after such a long break in the studio, i thought a few month more won't make a difference anymore. So i decided to take some more time to learn and understand more about Music-Theory, aswell as digging deeper into the field of Sounddesign.
It's a long way to learn all the necessary aspects of music production and till now, i simply didn't have the time for these two subjects, because other stuff was more important to learn first.
After setting up my studio in 2006, first thing i had to learn was working with Cubase (which is basically a complete Audio Studio packed in a PC) and i had to get a basic understanding of all the Instruments, Synthesizers, Samplers, Effects and so on.

When my first few tracks got released around 2008/2009, i was very happy at first, but I had to realise quickly, that my sound quality wasn't good enough and simply not compareable to other tracks available in stores.
So i stopped releasing music and spent some more time in learning how to make my own pre-mastering. At first to give good material to the labels, but also to do my own playmasters, to be able to play and test my own tracks on a club PA during my dj-gigs.

For composing music, till now i simply trusted my feeling for music and my experience as dj, to know what sounds good and what works on a dancefloor. So it was always more or less 'trial and error' and sometimes a bit of luck involved, to achieve the result i was looking for.
In the beginning it was okay to work like this, but it's very time consuming and sometimes really frustrating.

Something was still missing!

To be able to create the sounds i really want, I had to learn more about soundsynthesis and Synthesizers, and on the other side I always wanted to understand more about Music-Theory, to be able to create the feelings and emotions exactly the way I intend.

So the last half a year was all about Frequencies, Oscillators, Envelopes, Filters, CutOffs, Threshholds, LFO's, as well as Notes, Chords, the Circle of 5th, Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Tonic, Sub-Dominant, Dominant 7th, and a brief encounter with 'The Tritone' aka 'The Devil in Musica' himself.

I feel I've learned a lot already, and even if it's still just a small part of this ongoing process,
I'm very happy that i finally took the time.

Now my fingers are itching to turn some knobs and during the last weekend i had the first studio-session since a very long time.
A first attempt to try what i've learned recently ... and i'm quite satisfied with the result:)

Soundsample will follow soon...!


Sascha Flux Biography

'Sascha Flux' (Twisted Frequency | Attitude Recordings)                         Read German Version

Sascha had his stage debut back in 1998 at the 'Backyard Club', a popular hotspot for excellent electronic music on the now infamous party-island of Koh PhaNgan in Thailand. After a very short time he became a resident and played more than 50 gigs at this unique venue, aswell as at some of their very special parties deep in the jungle or on secret beaches all around the island.

Backyard Pix

He quickly made himself a well know name in the progressive dance scene of Koh PhaNgan and eastern Thailand, resulting in a residency at Paradise Bungalows, the place where the worldwide known Fullmoon-Party once began. These experiences with internationally mixed up crowds in some really special moments, gave his dj-ing a very special note, and this eventually helped him to soon become a well known dj in Germany aswell.

KohPhaNgan Pix

Now after more than 15 Years on stage, he played countless gigs in different kind of clubs, parties or festivals all over Germany aswell as in Austria (Vienna,Salzburg), Switzerland (Zuerich), Italy (Rome), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Israel (Tel Aviv), Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Koh PhaNgan/Koh Tao/Bangkok), Hungary and many other places.
Also his gigs at well known festivals such as the Fusion Festival or Wonderland Festival proove his great variety.

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