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Latest News

Sascha Flux - Tearjerker (Promomix feb2016)

Do you get goosebumps, when the music is just so beautiful that it touches you deep inside your soul?

Have you ever had tears in your eyes on the dancefloor,
... just because ... ???

Then this one is for you... TEARJERKER !!

With this mix i share my love for your listening pleasure. Warm, deep, trancy, slightly melancholic and smoothly uplifting.
Enjoy this special mix:)

FREE DOWNLOAD available now!!
.. follow the link below!

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Sascha Flux at Liminal in Rome,Italy

Sascha Flux at Liminal - Banner

I'm very much looking forward to be returning to play in Rome again on the 20th of February 2016.
This time on the february edition of 'Liminal', an event-series with a very nice concept, that suits me very well these days.

'Liminal' aims to create atmospheres full of love and deeper happiness through genre-crossing electronic music.

A great crowd and wonderful music can be expected, as I fully trust in the crew that stands behind these extraordinary events.
I'm happy to be a part of it and honoured to be the international guest of this special night.

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Sascha Flux at brainwash.fm - Webradio (jan.2016)

Sascha Flux at brainwash.fmHere's a new dj-set of mine, recorded for the webradio broadcast 'Paradox meets brainwash.fm', aired on 16th of january 2016.
My mix is only one hour of a 5 hour session, which showcases the musical spectrum of 'Paradox', an open minded and promissing new event series, based in my new hometown Hamburg.

If you want to download this set, follow the 'Free Download' link below.

Free Download


Sascha Flux at Fusion Festival 2015 (DJ Set)

SF-Fusion2015-BatchThis is the set i played at Fusion Festival 2015 on the official afterparty at 'Palast der Republik', which is a huge Circus-Tent with space for a few thousand party punthers, who just can't get enough.
I played at this afterparty two times before already (Tubebox 2007 & 2009) and i had an idea, what situation i could expect. So the plan was to first create an ...
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Summer 2015 Review + Videos

The last couple of month have been busy, but in a good way. I have to admit,  I've been a bit slack with keeping my site up date, so here's a little review and some short videos from my recent gigs.

Biggest event to mention of course is the mindboggling Fusion Festival.
Everytime i get back there, I'm amazed about the diversity to explore in this Kosmos.
Many different dancefloors, hangars or stages with performing arts of all kind, lots of well selected Bands, DJ's and Live Acts from different subcultures of underground music, giving everybody the opportunity to explore new things and push musical boundaries.

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Sascha Flux at Fusion Festival 2015

Banner Sascha Flux at Fusion 2015

This year the long awaited return to the Fusion Festival is taking place!

Same as in the years 2007 and 2009, i will be playing at the official afterparty in the night from sunday to monday, but this time at the 'Palast der Republik'.
My set-time will be 2:30 till 5am and I'm sure it will be crazy, twisted and rocking as it did the other years aswell.
On top I'm very happy to have my long time colleague and good buddy Götz aka 'Switchbox' by my side, who will be playing right after me from 5 till 7:30am.

for more infos follow this link



Sascha Flux Biography

'Sascha Flux' (Twisted Frequency | Attitude Recordings)                         Read German Version

Sascha had his stage debut back in 1998 at the 'Backyard Club', a popular hotspot for excellent electronic music on the now infamous party-island of Koh PhaNgan in Thailand. After a very short time he became a resident and played more than 50 gigs at this unique venue, aswell as at some of their very special parties deep in the jungle or on secret beaches all around the island.

Backyard Pix

He quickly made himself a well know name in the progressive dance scene of Koh PhaNgan and eastern Thailand, resulting in a residency at Paradise Bungalows, the place where the worldwide known Fullmoon-Party once began. These experiences with internationally mixed up crowds in some really special moments, gave his dj-ing a very special note, and this eventually helped him to soon become a well known dj in Germany aswell.

KohPhaNgan Pix

Now after more than 15 Years on stage, he played countless gigs in different kind of clubs, parties or festivals all over Germany aswell as in Austria (Vienna,Salzburg), Switzerland (Zuerich), Italy (Rome), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Israel (Tel Aviv), Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Koh PhaNgan/Koh Tao/Bangkok), Hungary and many other places.
Also his gigs at well known festivals such as the Fusion Festival or Wonderland Festival proove his great variety.

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