Sascha Flux - Dozz / Twisted Frequencies Vol.7

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Take-Away Sound & Support

listen here?... or take-away???

if thats the question, here's the answer provided by
pack my sound in a box, take away, enjoy at home.

the 'grab box' is a great tool to give my friends and real fans the opportunity to have my music on their website, blog, myspace-site or  wherever.
on this way you get free music on your site, and you support me a little bit aswell, 'cause my music gets heard by your friends, and if the sound is tasty for them too, they can pack it in a box and take-away.

if you don't need a player, but you're up for supporting me in another way, check the fan-collector, the press-item widget or one of the banners on the second site of the grab box.  

how to take away:
in this 'grab box' you can choose between widgets and banners(on the second side). click a widget and you'll get the html code to copy & paste into your site or use the quicklinks to post directly to most of the social media sites like myspace, facebook, hi5, blogger and so on.
if it's not the one you wanted, use the 'back' button on the top left corner of the grab box.

customize it:
most of the widgets can be customized to match the colours of your site.
after choosing one of the widgets, scroll down to find the 'customize' button,
aswell as an 'info' button for a short explanation about the widget you clicked on.







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