Je Pense EP incl Sascha Flux Rmx - Baroque Rec

Sascha Flux - Dozz / Twisted Frequencies Vol.7

Sascha Flux - Thickness EP - Twisted Frequency Rec 2014

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Dozz 2.0

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Sascha Flux - Dozz (Original Mix) - V/A Twisted Frequencies 7 // Twisted Frequency Rec.

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Cat.No.: TF0C9
Format: Digital
Release Date: 10th Feb 2014

From the press-text:

... and leads into another exclusive track from German producer Sascha Flux - "Dozz", a detailed and epic piece of hypnotic and melodic deep techno.

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Makau feat. Kagl - Je Pense EP // Baroque Records
(Original Mix // Flow Box Remix // Sascha Flux Remix)

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Love House - CoverDeep Beat Collective Cover

Cat.No.: BARQDIGI079
Format: Download
Releasedate: 20th august 2012

The Sascha Flux remix uses big tuned drums from the start, as the layers build, then melody enters amidst a flurry of screaming risers...

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Sascha Flux - Plateau Playground // Attitude Recordings
(Original Mix // Tapwatr Remix // Hidra Remix)

Banner Plateau Playground EPAttitude Recordings Logo
Cat.No.: ATT05
Format: Download
Releasedate: 29th of july 2008

Demonstrating Sascha Flux's dynamic production capabilities, 'Plateau Playground' is nothing short of a dancefloor bomb...

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Sascha Flux - Never Trust the Drugweib EP // Dezign Music
(Original Mix // D.Mag Remix)

Never Trust The Drugweib CoverDezign Music Logo
Cat.No.: DZGNDG009
Releasedate: 5th may 2008

Sascha Flux's first release for Dezign Music is a rocking, yet dry clubtune. The combination of deep twisted sounds, and the dry stomp in this proglectrotech mashup, guarantee to create ...

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Hot Insect

Unsigned Tracks




Sascha Flux - Thickness EP // Twisted Frequency
Thickness (Original) / Start Over (Original)

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Thickness EP Cover

Cat.No.: TF049
Format: Digital
Release Date: 10th Feb 2014

Twisted Frequency welcomes Germany's Sascha Flux to the fold. His debut E.P for Twisted is a 2-tracker of deep and mysterious material touching on tech, progressive, electro and minimal in varying measures.

Nick Muir (Bedrock) - "Spacey, atmospheric, groovy - I'm into these, thanks"
Amber Long - "Wow, what a dirty EP! Diggin' it!"

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Tobi Monotona - Foerdertum EP // Plusquam Division
(Original Mix // Sascha Flux vs AudioFeed Remix)

Tobi Monotona - Fördertum incl. Sascha Flux Rmx

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International Sight CoverDirty Electronics CoverEnjoy Tech-House - Cover

Format: Download
Releasedate: 12th december 2012

I hope you like to enjoy some serious dancefloor madness here and then...

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Tomic - Taktgefühl EP // Fraud Recordings
(Original Mix // Sascha Flux Remix)

Taktgefuehl Record B-Side StickerFraud Recordings Logo
Cat.No.: FR007
Format: Vinyl / CD / Download
Releasedate: 11th of june 2008

The Sascha Flux Remix is more or less a kind of a mixture of progressive and electro style which gives the track a completely different impression...

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