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Tobi Monotona - Fördertum incl. Sascha Flux Rmx

'Foerdertum - Sascha Flux vs AudioFeed Remix' also appeared on following compilations.

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Plusquam Records Press Text -"Tobi Monotona - Fördertum EP"

That deep hypnotic groove...

This EP includes the Tobi Monotona orginal version which is keeping the solid groove close to the ground. With it's subtle progression it keeps building up slowly and out of a sudden, you find yourself in that deep hypnotic groove.

Modified to the max ...

The Sascha Flux vs. AudioFeed Remix goes into a very different direction, even though most of the track consists of the original samples, just cutted, stretched, reversed, transposed in every direction and modified to the max.

The result is fresh, funky, groovy and spaced-out, and somehow this combination gives this remix a pretty unique touch.


Tobi Monotona - Fördertum EP // Plusquam Division Plusquam - Logo
(Original Mix // Sascha Flux vs AudioFeed Remix)
Releasedate: 12th of december 2012

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